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Household Robots is a website dedicated to reviews of household robots in order to help you find your way through the jungle of household robots.

Our Culture

I have always loved gadgets, and naturally, I had to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner myself. To be brutally honest my first experience was not that glorious!
I bought my very first robot vacuum cleaner in a supermarket and I did not have any previous experience with that kind of devices. I read on the box and it looked decent enough: 2 front brushes and it even came with a remote control! with a price tag of less than $200 how bad could it be?

I must admit that I was excited to put my new vacuum robot to the test - we live in a 127 square meter apartment with both wooden floors and carpets.  And I thought it would be a great little helper, especially in our two connected living rooms.

Assembling the beast was a piece of cake, just remove some plastic, putting batteries in the remote control and put it in the docking station for charging. Within less than an hour "the beast" was ready for its first test - and I must admit that I was a bit excited for the result.

The result of my first robot vacuum cleaner test:

The robot started and both brushes were rotating, and the suction was on - so far so good I thought!. Then I noticed that the robot cleaner was basically just heading in one direction, and once it bumped into something it would change direction. - In other words, it was moving around like a drunk with no plan or route!.

The next thing I noticed was that the suction was the same on our carpets like on the wooden floor.

I had a closer look at the remote - here I found four arrows: up. down, left and right. I could sit and navigate the robot cleaner using those arrows. There was also a button that made the robot spin around itself while it was boosting the suction.

To be brutally honest: I was not impressed at all! what is the purpose of a robotic vacuum cleaner you need to manually control in order to get just a semi-decent vacuum cleaning done?

I gave the robot vacuum cleaner to my mother! :-)  she is retired, and have a bit more time than me and is having a bit of fun controlling the robot with the remote control. It is a good help for her cleaning under her bed.

Finding my next robot vacuum cleaner:

I decided that I would still like to have a robot vacuum cleaner, so I decided to do a bit more research on different vendors as well as features of the different robot vacuum cleaners. I spend endless hours researching websites and reading reviews before I finally decided to invest in a new robot vacuum cleaner. This time I spent a bit more money and bought an iRobot Roomba 980 - and this time my wife is not laughing at my investment! :-)

The purpose of  making reviews of household robots:

I know how time-consuming it might be to find the right household robot. That is why I have made this review site in order to make it more easy to compare different models and find the one that matches you and your families needs.

I would love if you would vote for your favorite or write a few words about some of your own experiences - that would also be a big help for others that might consider investing in a household robot. Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions or ideas for reviews we should consider. There might be models we are not even aware about! :-)

Best of luck finding your families next best friend! :-)

Kind regards,

Brian Petersen
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